10 Inexpensive Countries Where $2,000/Month Buys the Good Life

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2021-06-11 03:00:06

Few of us ever do that because we need a paycheck to pay our bills. But if you’re tired of working yourself to the bone just to live paycheck-to-paycheck in a boring American neighborhood, you don’t have to.

You can live a comfortable middle-class lifestyle on $2,000 per month in countries spanning from Europe to Asia to Central and South America thanks to “geoarbitrage.” Geoarbitrage is a fancy word for taking advantage of differences in currency value and the cost of living in other countries.

So if you’re open to adventure and an international lifestyle, you can exponentially accelerate your savings without sacrificing quality of life by moving overseas while working in the United States.

These aren’t the cheapest countries in the world because those aren’t usually the safest or most comfortable for American expats.

Instead, these countries represent a balance of safety, affordability, high-quality health care, ease of visa and residency requirements, and climate. Many of these countries even offer “golden visas,” which allow you to buy residency or citizenship.

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