General 1 — More Useful Things: AI Resources

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2024-04-03 22:30:03

If you order the book by April 6, you can get access to exclusive bonus material, including special GPTs to help apply the book’s lessons. (You need to be subscribed to ChatGPT Plus to use the GPTs) To get the password, email proof of purchase to this address before April 6.

“Generative AI has an oracle, and his name is Ethan Mollick. Lucky you: our oracle has written a lucid, succinct, and eminently practical guide to navigating the revolution that is right now unfolding at an astonishing pace. Co-Intelligence is the very best book I know of about the ins, outs, and ethics of generative AI. Drop everything and read it cover to cover NOW.”

“Co-Intelligence brilliantly captures the essence of our evolving relationship with AI. With lucid explanations and useful examples, Mollick shows how we can enlist this technology’s astonishing power to build a more intelligent and humane future.”

“In today’s cacophony of ‘AI hot takes,’ Mollick has distinguished himself as the leading voice of reason on the implications of AI for work and education. Anyone seeking a basis of practical knowledge to understand the coming massive changes should read this insightful book right now.

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