Ultimate Streaming Bundle 2: Bundle Boogaloo

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2020-06-28 19:38:25

There is just such an abundance of streaming services to compare and know about that 20 wasn’t enough. Let’s dive even deeper with another setlist of 12 additional services to add into play in creating the ultimate streaming bundle for $15. Now, you might want to pay close attention because we’ aren’t just adding more options, but we’re spicing up the game a bit.

If you haven’t read the first post, I’d recommend doing that first. This is the”DLC”, or an add-on to that, so it should be played with the full set, though this one will present a fun twist. In this “expansion pack,” if you will, these options will have their own, unique prices. Therefore, you can’t just substitute it for one from the previous selection, you have to seriously consider what content you value. If you want to play with just the DLC list, knock yourself out, but let’s just say I don’t think the math will add up. What a thoughtful explanation for thinking it was funny to charge by the cent!

It’s hard to judge this one because I can’t time travel to the future and I’m writing a month before it’s release. First things first, Peacock is the streaming service for access to the NBCUniversal library of content. Peacock will have both a free ad version and a premium to remove those pesky ads. It’s ability to mix exclusives and live TV shows like talk shows makes it pretty alluring.

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