Best Practices to Ensure High Security in Your Mobile Application!

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2020-06-29 13:59:20

The mobile revolution is at its peak today! Myriad mobile apps are being uploaded on the Google Play and App Store daily and the mobile application development market is expanding across the globe like never before. Yet, it is shocking to know that almost 75% of the apps fail in the basic security test. Well, security is one of the most crucial factors in the app which is often taken for granted.

This article will provide you a glimpse of the essential security measures to be taken during and after the mobile application development process is completed. Before we dive deeper into the article, let’s run through the top security lapses that could occur due to time constraints while building mobile apps

It is a primary and essential step to spend time on encrypting the code and thoroughly testing it for vulnerabilities during the development process. The mobile app developers should thoroughly review the code from security aspect before launching the app. It is essential to ensure security coding for the detection of jailbreaks, debugger detection control, checksum controls, etc.

Weak authentication leads to several data breaches; hence, it is imperative to apply high-level authentication in the apps. Ensure that your app allows only strong passwords for this. Also, use two-factor authentication in the apps. Biometric authentication like fingerprints or retina scans is also being used nowadays in a host of apps to make it more secured.

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