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2020-06-28 04:04:09

Ground units play a vital role in air force power enhancement. Ground assets like radar station and air defense system are as important and as lethal as rest of the aerial assets.

Different radars and air defense systems are required to deal with different kind of situations. Hence a wide variety of radars and air defense measures are used to make an air force stronger.

Radar: – They are a detection device which uses electromagnetic waves like radio waves and microwaves to detect the speed, heading and location of an aircraft, ship and vehicle etc.

INDRA RADAR: – INDRA is low flying detection radar built by the DRDO. It uses L band frequency to detect flying objects. Currently Indian Air Force and Indian Army use the INDRA-1 radar. An order of 7 INDRA-2 has been placed by the IAF. INDRA-2 is a variant of INDRA-1 which will used for ground controlled intercept the flying objects.

ROHINI RADAR: – It is 3-D central acquisition radar built by the DRDO for use with AKASH SAM. ROHINI uses S band frequency to detect targets. It has the capability to detect 150 flying objects up to the range of 200 Km flying at the altitude up to 18 Km. Its naval variant is called REVATHI.

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