What is the Supercloud?

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2023-05-24 09:00:04

The Supercloud was originally a term coined by Carnegie Mellon University in their paper ”The Supercloud Vision” which discusses a sort of meta-cloud on top of a multi-cloud (or multi-region) infrastructure. But I think that terminology is evolving, especially after some of the recent product offerings from Fly.io and Cloudflare - where they add some more weight to the definition of what the Supercloud is. In either case, it has positive implications for building modern web applications. While new technologies can be overwhelming to learn, the aim of the Supercloud is to simplify the developer experience and improve the user experience. In this article, I will primarily talk about my experience with Cloudflare’s take on the Supercloud, but there are other providers with similarly mature offerings such as fly.io and section.io.

The real stars of the show are Workers, KV, R2, and the CDN service (other providers have equivalent offerings) because they can host data and serve compute “at the edge.”

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