5 Questions to Ask to Find Product Market Fit - User Interviews

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2021-09-19 02:30:03

Because our confirmation bias creates tunnel vision towards our existing solutions. Instead we should frame our focus on solving the user’s struggle.

A. Document gathering with our customers. A single important lost or incomplete document can slow the whole process down and cause frustration amongst both lenders and borrowers, both of whom are our customers.

Example Q. Tell me about the last time you encountered this struggle? (create a timeline of the event as if you were in their shoes)

A. Last month one of our new starters had a backlog of 10 applications with one of our newer lenders. An applicant customer did not submit a key piece of information that the new lender required but this only came to light a couple of weeks after the applicant had already submitted all the documents we asked. The lender was frustrated that we missed the information (as they said they had asked us for this before) and the applicant was livid as they had already terminated their rental lease.

A. We’ve used shared cloud storage solutions like Google Drive and Dropbox, onboarding checklists to make sure we don’t miss things and our CRM tool to keep track of emails.

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