Blog: New solution guides to help you easily create 3D immersive experiences – Google Maps Platform

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2024-03-29 21:00:06

We're excited to share a suite of resources to help you easily build 3D immersive experiences. Since introducing Photorealistic 3D Tiles last year, we've listened closely to your feedback. You told us you wanted more guidance on how to apply this technology to your specific use cases. You also wanted more examples of how different Google Maps Platform APIs can work together to solve a problem. Our new 3D solutions guides do just that. The solution guides include:

Easily Deployable Apps: Pre-built sample applications available as either Node.js apps or Docker containers that simplify the deployment process and help you start building 3D storytelling or area exploration experiences. Try them out from our hosted environment or download the code to jumpstart your project. 

These resources make it easier than ever to combine Photorealistic 3D Tiles with Places API and transform how users interact with geospatial data. They’re designed to enable you to get started quickly and without specialized knowledge in technologies such as 3D rendering, tiles, or renderers like Cesium.js. 

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