First, Understand the Company Goals — Mary Thengvall - Community Builder

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2024-03-30 15:00:33

"What is the main goal of a DevRel team?" is a question I've heard for years, and every time, the answer starts with "well... it depends!" What if I told you that the main goal of DevRel -- no matter what company you're at -- is to support the company's empowerment of the developer community?

From this understanding comes awareness of your products (speaking at conferences or writing up best practices), enabling your audience (getting started guides and tutorials), and engagement (making community members feel welcome and included). From this singular goal, you can more easily see where you fit into the broader tapestry of your company's goals and objectives for the weeks, months, and years ahead. The end result? A stable Developer Relations team that can easily point to the value they're bringing to the community as well as the company.

In amidst all of those “well… it depends!” answers, you’ll likely hear some of the following answers when asking people what the primary metric is for a Developer Relations team:

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