Dell G7 with Intel’s most powerful processor

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2020-06-28 19:04:53

Dell G7 – this is a model from the upgraded series for private use with all the necessary components for full work. These laptops are designed for home use. You can use them for work, to watch your favorite videos, shows, and movies, and to play games. Selling at what consumers consider is a reasonable price, along with the Dell G7 17 (7700), you will have a reliable, virtually failure-free computer.

The device is convenient to use and has a stylish design. Build quality and reliability are second to none. Dell G7 has excellent technical features, which means that users can, for example, play shooters such as Valorant without loss of frames, lags, or freezes. Many people like to analyze Valorant stats to better see what is worth working on.

Dell G7 laptops have large hard drives, DVD recorders, and a wide range of configurations. There are models based on Intel and AMD processors. Inspiron computers are equipped with separate graphics cards for better graphics processing. The computer is designed to work with graphics and medium games. It is equipped with touch screen technology (touch control, touch input).

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