The Gateway Pattern

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2023-05-25 16:30:07

When building a Rails app, chances are you’ll have to integrate with one or more external APIs: processing payments, sending push notifications, and firing analytics events are just a few examples.

At first, these integrations might be one-liners sprinkled into controllers or model callbacks. But as your app gets more complex, the code that “glues” your app with various external APIs can become significant.

Furthermore, if you’re not careful, the lines between your app and an external API can start to blur in confusing ways. For example, if your app’s concept of a “subscription” is subtly different from what your payment processor defines as a “subscription”, mixing these mismatched concepts within your model or controller code can make things hard to follow.

Simply put, a gateway is a class that wraps an external API. Its job is to translate the needs of the application into the external API call(s) needed to accomplish those tasks.

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