Role Of Algorithms Aug 13, 2023

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2023-09-14 14:30:02

“Algorithms ” are a useful skill not because you use it at work every day, but because they train you to be better at particular aspects of software engineering.

First , algorithms drill the skill of bug-free coding. Algorithms are hard and frustrating! Subtle off-by-one might not matter for simple tests, but breaks corner cases. But if you practice algorithms, you get better at this particular skill of writing correct small programs, and I think this probably generalizes.

People do cardio or strength exercises not because they need to lift heavy weights in real life. Quite the opposite — there ’s too little physical exertion in our usual lives, so we need extra exercises for our bodies to gain generalized health (which is helpful in day-to-day life).

You don ’t practice complex skill by mere repetition. You first break it down into atomic trainable sub skills, and drill each sub skill separately in unrealistic condition. Writing correct algorithmy code is a sub skill of software engineering.

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