Using F* to Formally Verify Programs

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2023-05-27 11:00:02

Formal methods are currently not widely embraced due to their perceived difficulty. However, the landscape is changing with the emergence of new technologies that make formal methods more accessible than ever before. F*, developed by Microsoft Research, is a groundbreaking functional language that combines dependent types and proof-oriented features. By bridging the gap between programming and proving, F* facilitates a gradual adoption of formal methods by software engineers. In this post, I will provide an introduction to the basics of F* and demonstrate how we can leverage its capabilities to verify a solution to a LeetCode problem. I can’t cover all the background material needed to understand F* in this post. I assume that you have some experience in a language like Haskell or OCaml.

This writing has three goals. First, I want to showcase how far formal methods have come. Second, there is not a lot of material discussing how to use formal methods, and particularly F*. I hope others are able to learn from my mistakes, and newcomers can pick up some proof-engineering strategies. Finally, I want to draw attention to some current pain-points for the sake of improving current formal methods research.

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