- AIM Stealing on Macintosh

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2024-06-14 16:30:03

Many may remember the PC indent exploit that also allowed users to jack AOL Instant Messenger screen names. This was accomplished by changing the language code using the uni_next_atom_typed atom. Unbeknownst to many, this exploit still exists on Macintosh systems and Hypah has been making the most of it.

When AOL patched the PC exploit they basically added a few lines of code to the registration process that instructed the screen name be sent back and canceled if it included the language code atom. However, on Mac AOL 2.7 the token structure is completely different. When AOL patched the PC exploit, they did not patch the Macintosh system. This is ironic, because when BMB discovered how to steal AIMs on PC's, he did it the same way that Hypah originally did on Macintoshs: by changing the language code.

AIM jacking has been occurring on Macintoshs since its discovery by Hypah in April 2000. Not until recently has this greatly affected anyone because not many on Macs know how to do it. Hypah, greatly disturbed by the rising number of people bragging over their "elite" three character AIM screen names, decided to take action. Last Sunday, February 17th, 2001, Hypah began jacking every three character AIM name that could be jacked.

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