Magic Insert: Style-Aware Drag-and-Drop

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Style Pass
2024-07-04 17:30:06

Using Magic Insert we are, for the first time, able to drag-and-drop a subject from an image with an arbitrary style onto another target image with a vastly different style and achieve a style-aware and realistic insertion of the subject into the target image.

We present Magic Insert, a method for dragging-and-dropping subjects from a user-provided image into a target image of a different style in a physically plausible manner while matching the style of the target image. This work formalizes the problem of style-aware drag-and-drop and presents a method for tackling it by addressing two sub-problems: style-aware personalization and realistic object insertion in stylized images. For style-aware personalization, our method first fine-tunes a pretrained text-to-image diffusion model using LoRA and learned text tokens on the subject image, and then infuses it with a CLIP representation of the target style. For object insertion, we use Bootstrapped Domain Adaption to adapt a domain-specific photorealistic object insertion model to the domain of diverse artistic styles. Overall, the method significantly outperforms traditional approaches such as inpainting. Finally, we present a dataset, SubjectPlop, to facilitate evaluation and future progress in this area.

To generate a subject that fully respects the style of the target image while also conserving the subject's essence and identity, we (1) personalize a diffusion model in both weight and embedding space, by training LoRA deltas on top of the pre-trained diffusion model and simultaneously training the embedding of two text tokens using the diffusion denoising loss (2) use this personalized diffusion model to generate the style-aware subject by embedding the style of the target image and conducting adapter style-injection into select upsampling layers of the model during denoising.

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