My Approach to Getting Dramatically Better as a Programmer

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2022-06-23 09:30:07

There was a recent discussion among my social group about what “getting dramatically better as a programmer” means. Based on that discussion, I’ve decided to share my own approach to becoming a “dramatically better programmer”. I want others to understand what practices I’ve found useful, so they can incorporate them into their own life.

My approach to getting dramatically better is built around a training regime. There are a specific set of “exercises” I do every week. I designed the training regime with two explicit goals in mind:

My training routine consists of a total of four different exercises. Each one helps me achieve the two objectives above. The four different exercises are:

Let me explain each of the exercises in a bit more depth. I want to share some details on how each exercise works and the main benefits I’ve had from doing each exercise.

This exercise is designed to expand my knowledge of Computer Science. I’ve found two direct benefits to reading papers. The first benefit is that some papers have changed my model of certain problems. A good example of this is The Tail at Scale. That paper examines the counter intuitive nature of long tail latency.

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