First volunteer given potential vaccine in Imperial College London trials

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2020-06-23 18:05:03

The first healthy volunteer has been given a dose of a potential coronavirus vacine by researchers at Imperial College London.

They were given a ‘small dose’ of the potential vaccine on June 19, and are said to be in good health with no safety concerns reported.

Professor Robin Shattock, from the department of infectious disease at Imperial, who is leading the research, said his team’s work is ‘an important step’ for their vaccine candidate.

He added: ‘We now eagerly await rapid recruitment to the trial so that we can assess both the safety of the vaccine and its ability to produce neutralising antibodies which would indicate an effective response against Covid-19.

Fifteen healthy volunteers are expected to receive their first dose in the coming days as part of the initial phase of the trial.

To assess safety as well as to find the optimal dosage, the researchers are starting with a low dose and gradually increasing it to higher doses for subsequent volunteers.

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