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The Wikimedia Movement is an international, sociocultural movement, whose mission is to bring free knowledge to the whole world. The Wikimedia Movement Charter (“the Charter”) states the values, rights, relationships, and mutual responsibilities of all participants in the shared mission of this movement. The Charter applies to all individual and institutional participants, movement entities, projects, and online and offline spaces officially associated with the Wikimedia Movement.

By defining the Wikimedia Movement and its values, the Charter aims to make it easier for movement stakeholders to collaborate with each other. This will help:

The Wikimedia Movement embraces a factual, verifiable, open, and inclusive approach to knowledge. It is guided by shared values that guide all our actions. All decision-making needs to reflect these shared values. As a practice, it is important for the movement to balance the values in order to fulfill the fundamental mission and empower Wikimedia participants globally.

The values include the ones already present at our origin and extend to those that are necessary to develop for our future. These values recognize sharing of knowledge as a deeply collaborative endeavor.

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