Work-In-Progress: Studying Ethernet Physical Layer 1

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2023-01-25 13:30:02

A fresh start to 2023, I try something new and publish a work in progress. I am going to update, probably rewrite this post a few times and eventually remove Work-In-Progress from the title. I also update the date of this post, RSS subscribers may get an update notification.

Many people know about Ethernet Layer 3 and above (that covers IP, TCP, UDP). Many power users or people working in software development or system/network administration know a lot about Ethernet Layers up to and including Layer 2 (which covers MAC). However, I think it is pretty rare to know about Ethernet Physical Layer 1 unless you are actively working on a particular ethernet related hardware. This was also the case for me and I pose myself a challenge to learn about it.

Rather than a normative text, I try to write this post as my journey on this study, but naturally it was not as linear as this text. So the concepts may look like out of order sometimes.

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