Things fall apart (to come back together)

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2023-09-14 21:00:04

About two weeks ago I timidly added a donation prompt on KernType for a GoFundMe campaign to help pay for my new MacBook Air, which only appeared after completing the third stage of the game:

Since then, it has generated only two donations from two very kind people whom I don’t know. Thank you very much. I have already removed the prompt becuase—in my hasty implementation—it actually blocked some users from playing the game, and also because of some uneasy sensations about asking for money. I’ll explain later.

As you can see from the screenshot, I’m fundraising to raise money for my new MacBook Air M2. I had to replace my ailing 2013 MacBook Pro because it became unusable after the networking card gave out. With a dead trackpad and keyboard I called it quits. It was not worth reviving through a repair.

I was in talks (and spec work) with a digital agency to create a game for a prestigious client which would finance my new computer equipment, the project keeps being pushed back time (today they quoted Q1 2024), so I bought a new computer without the means to pay for it.

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