Moore’s Law for Everything

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2021-06-10 21:00:19

This article is based on my views on how the plan of what’s coming that was suggested in ‘Moore’s law for everything’ article by Sam Altman should it look like. It is based on the work we have been doing at Bitbao technologies. Some places in this article have been copied from Sam’s article, thus because the purpose of writing this article is to improve Sam’s article rather than oppose it.

I do agree with Sam’s AI’s pro gress projection, computer programs that can think will read legal documents and give medical advice in the next five years. In the next decade, they will do assembly-line work and maybe even become companions. And in the decades after that, they will do almost everything, including making new scientific discoveries that will expand our concept of ‘everything’.

2. I find it centralized. Trendlines in governance is clear, the world is moving toward decentralization, so surviving by orders from a centralized system, I mean the wealth distribution policy suggested by Sam, is like taking us back to the socialist era.

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