Running an All-hands

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2021-08-16 03:00:05

The other day, I attended an event that took me through the gamut of emotions. I was educated, inspired, amused, moved and energized. There were moments where I could literally feel chills down my spine. When it ended, I wanted to go leap tall buildings in a single bound.

Square runs one of the best all-h ands I’ve ever seen. It’s a masterly production (no other noun better describes it) that, to this day (~2000 people), rings true to who we are as a company.

I remembered my Town Square experience and was inspired to write this post upon receiving the following email from the CEO of a Series A company with twenty five people.

Wanted to get your feedback on something. We have a weekly Friday afternoon all-hands where we sit around, chat about stuff, and drink beer. Everyone seems to enjoy it, but I wonder — could we use this hour more wisely? Would love your thoughts.

Yes, there is a significantly better way for the company to spend an hour each Friday afternoon than sitting around drinking beer. Simply put, start running a formal All-Hands. Here’s why and how.

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