Virtual Try-On is revolutionizing the way customers are shopping online. It allows customers to experience products virtually before making a purchase

Essential Virtual Try-On Research Papers For Machine Learning Engineers

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2024-04-01 11:30:07

Virtual Try-On is revolutionizing the way customers are shopping online. It allows customers to experience products virtually before making a purchase, enhancing their confidence and satisfaction with their online shopping choices.

Outfit Anyone is a Virtual Try-On AI model from Humanaigc, designed for virtual clothing outfitting. The system enables ultra-high quality virtual try-on for any clothing and any person It has also been mentioned in the context of integrating with other AI technologies to dress and animate models…

As online shopping is growing, the ability for buyers to virtually visualize products in their settings-a phenomenon we define as “Virtual Try-All”-has become crucial. Recent diffusion models inherently contain a world model, rendering them suitable for this task within an inpainting context. However, traditional image-conditioned diffusion models often fail to capture the fine-grained details of products. In contrast, personalization-driven models such as DreamPaint are good at preserving the item’s details but they are not optimized for real-time applications. We present “Diffuse to Choose,” a novel diffusion-based image-conditioned inpainting model that efficiently balances fast inference with the retention of high-fidelity details in a given reference item while ensuring accurate semantic manipulations in the given scene content. Our approach is based on incorporating fine-grained features from the reference image directly into the latent feature maps of the main diffusion model, alongside with a perceptual loss to further preserve the reference item’s details. We conduct extensive testing on both in-house and publicly available datasets, and show that Diffuse to Choose is superior to existing zero-shot diffusion inpainting methods as well as few-shot diffusion personalization algorithms like DreamPaint…

Given two images depicting a person and a garment worn by another person, our goal is to generate a visualization of how the garment might look on the input person. A key challenge is to synthesize a photorealistic detail-preserving visualization of the garment, while warping the garment to accommodate a significant body pose and shape change across the subjects. Previous methods either focus on garment detail preservation without effective pose and shape variation, or allow try-on with the desired shape and pose but lack garment details. In this paper, we propose a diffusion-based architecture that unifies two UNets (referred to as Parallel-UNet), which allows us to preserve garment details and warp the garment for significant pose and body change in a single network. The key ideas behind Parallel-UNet include: 1) garment is warped implicitly via a cross attention mechanism, 2) garment warp and person blend happen as part of a unified process as opposed to a sequence of two separate tasks. Experimental results indicate that TryOnDiffusion achieves state-of-the-art performance both qualitatively and quantitatively…

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