September 21, 2022

Researcher discovers a muscle that can promote glucose and fat burning to fuel metabolism for hours while sitting

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2022-09-22 15:00:14

September 21, 2022

by Laurie Fickman, University of Houston

From the same mind whose research propelled the notion that "sitting too much is not the same as exercising too little," comes a groundbreaking discovery set to turn a sedentary lifestyle on its ear: The soleus muscle in the calf, though only 1% of your body weight, can do big things to improve the metabolic health in the rest of your body if activated correctly.

And Marc Hamilton, professor of Health and Human Performance at the University of Houston, has discovered such an approach for optimal activation—he's pioneering the "soleus pushup" (SPU) which effectively elevates muscle metabolism for hours, even while one is sitting. The soleus, one of 600 muscles in the human body, is a posterior leg muscle that runs from just below the knee to the heel.

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