28 Days Later (my QUIC journey)

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2024-07-08 01:00:06

QUIC has been on my mind for quite some time. I remember mentioning it as part of my “what’s next?” slides at the first edition of JanusCon, 5 years ago, and of course it was very much a topic in my opening slides at the latest JanusCon as well. For one reason or another, though, I never actually started looking into it, despite being something that, from a distance, I found quite interesting, especially for all the ongoing work going on in the Media Over QUIC Working Group at the IETF.

That doesn’t mean we’ve been idle, though. A few colleagues at Meteecho, for instance, have been hard at work on QUIC for a few months already, within the context of an ESA (European Space Agency) project called QUICoS, whose aim is to study and possibly improve how QUIC works on satellite-based networks. That said, this is something I haven’t worked on personally, and so I felt the need to start filling the gap myself as well.

As such, about a month ago I decided to give it a go, in order to start studying the specification, the protocols, the implementations and so on, and maybe, why not, write down some code to go with it. I’ll talk about all this in more detail at the upcoming RTC.ON in Krakow (which you shouldn’t miss!), but in the meanwhile, is a month too much or not enough to master QUIC? And why try to implement a new thing, instead of just using an existing stack, you ask? Only one way to find out: keep reading!

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