Fake releases plaguing my Spotify playlists

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2022-09-23 12:00:13

For a better part of this year, my Fridays have been made much more enjoyable by the Release Radar playlist. While it is a convenient way to find new music from artists I enjoy, recently more and more bad actors have started exploiting the mechanism behind it.

A legitimate example of a track appearing in the Release Radar playlist - as I listen to BONES:

But no good deed goes unpunished! Below are some examples of fraudulent music releases. Those songs are uploaded by random artists, but they "tag" a more known artist who has nothing to do with the song, so their song would appear in people's Release Radar playlists.

This song is made by someone going by Base Hollow. On the song as other artists we can find Egg, Snow, Tubbo and quinn. However the song only features one female singer with no sign of one of those famous artists working on the song?

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