Making sense of 1NF, pt. II

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2021-06-30 08:30:03

Few days ago I found myself in a peculiar situation.  I’ve finished the last post with “Next week we’ll probably begin tackling the database normalization forms”.  I was going to discuss the first normal form, or more precisely: how 1NF is taught and understood by people (including myself, because I’m not sure if I had a clear definition in mind).  However, as I was procrastinating, I’ve opened Lobsters and a post titled “What does First Normal Form actually mean?” caught my attention.

This was a serious David Lynch moment: this post is exactly what I was going to write, up to some expressions.  Yet, apparently, someone else wrote it.  Maybe this particular topic just wants to be written about so much that it just invaded minds of several different people, you know, to overcome our collective procrastination.

I’ve just read this post (and highlighted a lot).  It’s brilliant.  It’s exactly what I would hope to have in this substack.  Read it: “What does First Normal Form actually mean?” by Galimatias. (I must also say that had I not been procrastinating but instead worked on my version of this post, I would have found myself in an awkward situation on Tuesday.)

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