Steampunk DDC OLED -

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2022-05-13 19:00:10

Stupid, silly, pointless – it seems these are my buzzwords. And what's a sillier upgrade for the silliest display than making it steampunk? But I never went in for sticking golden spray-painted gears on my hat. When I talk steampunk, I talk milled brass and knurling.

The Build With the exception of the USB Light, from which I salvaged the bendy gooseneck thing, all of the parts were sourced from bits I had lying around. It is extremely satisfying to go from initial idea (of "bendy gooseneck milled brass HDMI DDC display") to finished prototype the following day.

I first threw together some very quick OpenSCAD drawings, just to keep track of dimensions, and later, to test whether a chamfer would look good. The chamfer is a clunky cube subtraction since I don't think OpenSCAD has anything else suitable, but starting over in a "real" CAD package would take longer than copy-paste.

For the connector the only things I cared about were what overall diameter the knurl should be, and whether the 6mm endmill slot would be sufficient. The red marked cylinders highlight the endpoints of the slot.

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