Monarch: Google’s Planet-Scale In-Memory Time Series Database

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2022-05-12 05:30:02

Monarch is Google’s system for storing time-series metricsTime-series data describes data points that occur over time. Storing and using this type of information is an active area of research and industry development. . Time series metricsMetrics are one of the main components in an observability stack (among tracing, events, and logging). The paper Towards Observability Data Management at Scale has more information on the other components of the stack. are used for alerting, graphing performance, and ad-hoc diagnosis of problems in production.

Monarch is not the first time series database, nor is it the first optimized for storing metricsInfluxDB, TimescaleDB, Prometheus, and Gorilla are just a few of the existing time series databases. , but the system is unique for several reasons.

First, Monarch optimizes for availability - you wouldn’t a metrics system to be down before, during, or after a production incident, potentially lengthening the time to detection or resolution of an outage. One example of this tradeoff in practice is Monarch’s choice to store data in (relatively) more expensive memory, rather than on persistent storage. This design choice limits dependence on external databases (increasing availability by limiting dependencies), but increases cost.

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