Update on Security improvement at the Eclipse Foundation

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2023-01-23 19:30:06

Thanks to financial support from the OpenSSF’s Alpha-Omega project, the Eclipse Foundation is glad to have made significant improvements in the last couple of months. Our previous analysis helped us prioritize work area where improvements would be the most significant. Let’s see where we are today.

One of the main issue that has been identified by Scorecard during our previous analysis is the lack of branch protection on our repositories at GitHub. Trying to set this up manually on all of our 1000+ repositories is not scaling. We need some tooling. We’ve reviewed the tool on the market that help to manage GitHub organizations and repositories at scale, but none were complying with our requirements in terms of security, workflow, or ease of use. Also, we are a strong proponent of As Code approach. We think this principle helps tremendously in being open and transparent. The Eclipse Foundation advocates these two principles as the basis for collaborating and innovating with Open Source.

As such, we’ve started to work on our own custom solution, based on an idea from George Adams. The project is named Otterdog (because 🦦🐶 » 🐙🐱). The idea is to let an administrator define a default configuration for organizations and repositories, and encode only the difference for specific projects. It’s still in its infancy and focus currently on retrieving (at scale) the configuration from GitHub and store the variation from the default configuration.

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