Tricks to Bypass Airports & Coffee-Shops Wifi Login Page

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2020-06-25 19:30:30

Airports and coffee shops use Password-free networks logins to join the network without using knowing the password, but the free networks doesn’t offer free Wifi traffics without paying or some sort of paying portal and any page you visit you will be redirected to that paying portal and you have to pay to use the internet connection.

In This tutorial we are going to need Kali Linux, Wifi adapter to complete the task, Wifi adapters are many and different in shape and size, but you have to be careful as we need a wifi adapter with monitoring mode enabled.

I’m going to pick the BSSID 94:FE:22:4D:73:64 and spoof it as mine using macchanger, let’s first stop airmon-ng and put our card interface wla0 down:

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