The easiest way for your users to connect to any API, right in your product

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2024-06-11 16:30:04

In 20 years of building software, we've seen a common theme. No matter the product, your customers end up needing to connect your app to third-party APIs. You might build real-time notifications with messaging apps, export customer data to databases or spreadsheets, ingest data from CRMs, or connect to any of the thousands of APIs and SaaS services your customers are using. These features are often tied to large contracts and Enterprise customers.

But it's hard to justify the engineering effort required for these integrations. They're a distraction from the core product. Once built, they're hard to maintain. You have to securely manage auth, learn the nuances of the API, and improve the integration as the third-party adds new features your customer wants to use in your app. And they're a huge context switch for any engineer. Most teams have trouble scaling this.

At Pipedream, our customers tell us a variant of this story every day. Pipedream Connect helps you build these features in minutes , for any app.

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