Rate Limiting for Federated GraphQL APIs with Cosmo Router & Redis

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2024-02-13 10:00:06

Federation is a really powerful solution for building APIs across multiple services. It allows you to build a single, unified API that can be composed of multiple services, each with its own (Sub) GraphQL schema. This is great to scale your development team and to build a more modular and maintainable architecture. At the same time, it also opens up an attack vector for DDoS attacks right into your Microservices architecture.

Let's explore why traditional rate limiting solutions don't work for federated GraphQL APIs and how to set up rate limiting for federated GraphQL APIs using Cosmo Router and Redis. Rate limiting federated GraphQL APIs is a built-in feature of Cosmo Router, which is the leading Open Source API Gateway for Federated GraphQL APIs.

Are you looking for an Open Source Graph Manager? Cosmo is the most complete solution including Schema Registry, Router, Studio, Metrics, Analytics, Distributed Tracing, Breaking Change detection and more.

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