Some Git poll results

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2024-03-29 12:30:09

It’s been a lot of fun and some of the results have been surprising to me, so here are some of the results. I’m partly just posting these so that I can have them all in one place for myself to refer to, but maybe some of you will find them interesting too.

Polls on social media that I thought about for approximately 45 seconds before posting are not the most rigorous way of doing user research, so I’m pretty cautious about drawing conclusions from them. Potential problems include: I phrased the poll badly, the set of possible responses aren’t chosen very carefully, some of the poll responses I just picked because I thought they were funny, and the set of people who follow me on Mastodon is not representative of all git users.

If you want to read more about any given poll, you can click at the date at the bottom – there’s usually a bunch of interesting follow-up discussion.

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