Most importantly, Nathaniel J. Smith has published his

Update on Structured Concurrency

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2022-07-02 08:30:05

Most importantly, Nathaniel J. Smith has published his "Notes on structured concurrency, or: Go statement considered harmful" article. (If you prefer to watch a video, go here.) It's better, more detailed and more eloquent than anything I have ever written on the topic. If you want to read one thing about structured concurrency go read Nathaniel's article.

After C-based libdill we've also got Venice which brought structured concurrency to Swift and Trio which brought it to Python.

Then, few weeks ago, a new version of Kotlin's coroutine library was released that supports structured concurrency. Here's the accompanying blog post by Roman Elizarov.

"Concurrency made easy: coming soon to a programming language near you" recently published by John Belmonte takes another thoughtful shot at explaining the paradigm. It also summarizes the state of its adoption.

Finally, I would like to point out Aleksey Kladov's blog post "Exceptions vs Structured Concurrency" which goes beyond simple "let's tie thread lifetimes to lexical scopes!" agenda and discusses some hard questions of the actual semantics implied by structured concurrency paradigm. He does so in the context of Rust's crossbeam library. We need more stuff like this.

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