CS388: Natural Language Processing (online MS version)

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2024-05-10 00:30:05

Note on enrollment for on-campus students: This course is listed in the course catalog as "Natural Language Processing-WB". It is a partially asynchronous course taught for certain online masters programs at UT ("Option III" programs, as the university calls them). If you are a student enrolled on-campus at UT Austin, you are not eligible to take this course. This is a hard requirement from the university due to the fact that this course is part of an Option III program. There is an on-campus version of CS388 that is typically taught once per year by either me, Eunsol Choi, or Ray Mooney, which you are eligible to take (or CS371N if you're an undergraduate student). Regardless, you are free to consult the materials here! Assignments

Assignment 2: Feedforward Neural Networks, Word Embeddings, and Generalization [code and dataset download] [see edX for code walkthrough and debugging tips]

Final Project: Dataset Artifacts [code and dataset download] [example 1] [example 2] [peer assessment instructions] Lecture Videos and Readings

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