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2022-05-13 17:30:07

This is an ad. It was written by an employee of the company that owns this domain, and is an attempt to sell you a product. You clicked on it out of curiosity because the title was interesting and promised technical content that is relevant to you, but this was a trick! And now we're going to try to sell you something.

The article starts with a hook that gets you interested and teases more. Then it has a provocative image in the first section because this helps to break up the flow of the text and make the content more easily scanned by uncommitted readers. If our company is young enough or savvy enough, we might incorporate a meme to engage you with humor, like the one below.

But let's be real, marketing departments have a disability when it comes to memes, they struggle to even use the template correctly. In the worst case our company is staffed entirely by boomers, in which case it will be some bizarre mashup of those memes your Aunt Cindy shares on Facebook with a potpouri of marketing buzzwords.

Either way it has served its intended purpose of getting you to keep reading past the fold. Unfortunately for us this isn't usually enough to set the hook and reel you in to the marketing content payload, so we have to spend some more time getting you emotionally invested in the narrative before that phase of the operation.

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