Record your work-related accomplishments

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2022-01-14 04:00:09

Easily make a list of your achievements at work, and get reminded by email each week to take note of your triumphs. When your performance review rolls around, you'll be ready to impress your boss with your list of accomplishments.

So much can happen in a busy week at work. Get an email reminder every Friday and take the time to note your awesome contributions. You'll be glad you did when review season rolls around.

Easily export your list of accomplishments for sharing with your boss, so their life is made easier when they are recommending you for pay raises or promotions.

Peer reviews get easier when you provide your list of accomplishments to your peers, and they remember the awesome work you did.

Discover all the different types of work you've done, maybe your accomplishments are all related to eachother and you need to expand your skills?

This is not a subscription service. Pay a one-time fee to support this service and unlock all features (even features that haven't been imagined yet), for life.

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